The Story So Far...

It’s a damp morning, there’s fog all around you. You can barely make out the two figures on either side of you. You can’t see it, but you can smell dried blood, the three of you are covered in it from the battle last night. What had started out as a simple assassination assignment went very hectic. There were many more goblins than you had anticipated. By some miracle, the three of you made it out unscathed, the dried blood belonging to only the enemies. You sit in an empty clearing, trees surround the clearing, but only fog exists in the middle. With a bright flash, a door way appears, glowing in bright light, you and the other step through. As you step through, you hear cheers welcoming you home. You’re not the only ones surprised you made it out alive. The other members of the Clave are all standing around you in the portal room. Another successful mission. Time to report back.


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